Saturday, 27 October 2007

Mobile TV Unlocking

We can now unlock the tv so it stays on while the car is in motion on all BMWs, newRange Rovers , Mini's and Rovers via the diagnostic port, no modules and no wiring. With our software we can just plug in and unlock your tv in seconds at a cost of only £100.

Most other Manufacturer systems, by a little reprogramming - Please call for details .

With the same coverage area as our Mileage Correction of
Being mobile in this industry is essential. The car that needs recalibrating may also need the immobiliser re-coding, or the replacement cluster may need programming before the cluster is fitted to the vehicle - so for that reason we have 2 fully equipped mobile workshops, one in Lancashire and on in Richmond Upon Thames in London

We operate from 2 workshops. Primarily in Lancashire, covering all Lancaster, Preston, Garstang, Blackpool, Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Blackburn, Accrington, Bury, Bolton, Salford, Stockport, Nelson, Colne and everywhere in between, along with the neighbouring counties of Cumbria and North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire, which include; Leeds, Bradford, York, Otley, Ilkley Harrogate, Kendal, Carlisle, Barrow, Windermere and again, everywhere in those areas. The other office is based in central London and is convenient with all of inner London


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